We strive to deliver premium produce - through partnering with capable farmers, produced and packaged by an exceptional production team, and distributed to our knowledgable reseller network.

Premium Produce, direct from the farm to you - Craig Worme, Managing Director/Owner

Hunter Premium Produce - Craig Worme Elmore


At Hunter Premium Produce, we understand the importance of sourcing quality grain, seed, feed and fibres through our farming partners down the Eastern States of Australia.

The Hunter team insists on viewing their suppliers’ locations and grain, instead of blind ordering. So we can ensure the highest quality and best-looking product.
All produce is harvested ethically, transported safely to our grain handling facility, and cleaned and bagged by a dedicated production team.
Hunter Premium Produce is Export Accredited, Organic Certified and HACCP Food Safe Accredited.

When you want top-grade grain, feed or fibre, speak with our team at Hunter Premium Produce. We will deliver products that meet your needs and your customers’ expectations. 

The Hunter-Elmore Region

Four Irish brothers named ‘Hunter’ settled and established a 33,000-hectare pastoral property on the banks of the Campaspe River, North of the Bendigo Goldfields.

The fertile land was divided between the siblings. Middle brother Robert Hunter acquired the sizeable parcel of land five miles west of Elmore in Central Victoria.

Over the years, many successful rural families have farmed the tract of land. It has also inspired many innovative people – like H.V. McKay, the inventor of the Sunshine Harvester.

Hunter Premium’s high-selling Mayreef Gold Layer Mix is named after the nearby Mayreef gold settlement.

Today, Robert Hunter’s historic family farm of ‘Hunter’ is located at the rear of the current site of the Premium Stockfeed and Grain facility.

Hunter Elmore History Farm

Hunter Premium History

In 2008, Craig Worme decided to set up a business to export the abundant crop being grown on the Hunter property. Small bales of oat, hay and straw were initially sold.

In the winter, the Worme’s decided to plant seasonal crops, and deliver produce into Melbourne on a fortnightly basis. The crop rotation was added to employ a farmhand all year round.

Soon after, extra machinery was bought, and extensions were added to the original ‘hay baling’ shed.

Clients were soon asking about ‘other grain’, due to the quality of products being supplied. Craig and his team were now sourcing produce to meet customers’ requests, and they duly delivered.

To keep up with the volume, Craig ‘scrapped together an old auger and a few bits and pieces’ to help move grain to storage and then for cartage. The business grew quickly from there.

Hunter Stockfeed as the business was known, soon needed to consider efficiencies for the volume of grain and raw produce moving through the maze of sheds.
Initially an equine-focused business, demand has led the company into the poultry and bird feed market. Today, most products sold by Hunter Premium Produce are chicken or pigeon-focused. However, grain and seed products are provided to service most livestock industries.

The bulk grain supply for food manufacturing came about when a Victorian food manufacturer spoke with Craig about bulk delivery of quality, consistent and clean produce. After seeing the grain, the manufacturer placed a bulk order, and Hunter Premium has been the sole supplier of the raw produce ever since.
Hunter Premium Produce, a family of very proud farmers and growers, delivers quality grain, feed and fibre direct from the farm to you. 

Hunter Premium People

Hunter Premium employs between 12-15 people seasonally – Management and Salespeople, Administration and Account personnel, Production Line team and Freight and Logistics through our truck drivers. All staff live locally in Bendigo, Echuca, Colbinabbin, Heathcote, and of course, Elmore.
Hunter Premium Produce History - Elmore
Hunter Premium Produce
Craig Worme - Hunter Premium Produce

Craig Worme

Managing Director / Owner
Mike Bills - Hunter Premium Produce

Mike Bills

Business Development Manager
Calez Tickner - Hunter Premium Produce

Calez Tickner

Administration / Accounts Manager
Hunter Premium Produce Production Team - Elmore, Victoria Facility

Production & Logistics Team

Our production and logistics are dedicated to their roles and deliver daily to ensure consistent supply and maintain the Hunter Premium quality.

Production line personnel understand the proven process of providing products to the high Hunter Premium standards. Raw storage, dust mitigation, grain cleaning, supply line management, quality control, bagging, inventory and freight logistics roles are all covered.

All logistics are managed in-house at Hunter Premium Produce. Hunter Premium truck drivers comply with all Australian regulations and are mindful of the customer requirements upon delivery.

Vehicle maintenance and cleanliness are vital in showing our commitment to HACCP/Organic certifications and respecting the customers we supply.
We have a proud team of hard-working people ready to deliver direct from the farm to you.