The Australian farming families grow the worlds best grain and seed. Hunter Premium Produce partner with these agriculture leaders who supply high quality produce for our products. As our motto says, ‘Quality Feed - Direct from the farm to you.’

Supporting Farming Families

Hunter Premium Produce source from producers who maintain crop quality and employ ethical harvesting, and traders who can provide consistent volumes.

Many of our farming partners work with long term contract to provide a reliable and sustainable supply of raw produce for our products. Spot contracts are enabled for specific purposes and demand.

In all cases, Hunter Premium Produce source from producers who maintain crop quality, can provide consistent volumes and employ ethical harvesting.
This ensures Hunter Premium Produce quality and reliability for our food manufacturing customers and stockfeed retailers.

Hunter Premium Produce support local traders, who work alongside Australian farming families. 

If you wish to know more, please call the Hunter Premium team on 1300 326 311.

Supply & Distribution

Hunter Premium have a fleet of trucks delivering bulk produce to Food Manufacturing customers and bagged product lines to our retail business customers.

An internal fleet of 4 trucks operates from the Elmore-Hunter site, with drivers complying with Australian regulations and understanding each customer’s delivery requirements.

Reliable, contracted transport companies deliver grain, seed, feed and fibre to our site.

Each transport operator understands our need to comply with Organic Certification and HACCP requirements. Training is undertaken to eliminate all possibility of cross-contamination between farms and crops. Strict cleaning regimes between properties and delivery schedules are completed.

At Hunter Premium Produce, our transport contractors adhere to all biosecurity aspects and prioritise the safety of people and property.

Hunter Premium Stockfeed & Produce - Cleaning Grain Truck
Hunter Premium Produce Delivery Truck